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Our goal is not simply to inform. Our mission goes beyond teaching and consulting. We want to make our clients stronger by introducing them to  sustainable strategies that they can use not only in the immediate future but also, and most important, in the long run.


Our involvement with public service started 10 years ago when Japanese local governments started to reach out to us to create projects for local workers. In most Asian countries, people waste time and energy waiting for government money. AL wants to cut this cord of dependence and create alternative partnerships. We thought: Why not start with what we already have?


This is how the collaboration project was created. We engaged workers from the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of the industry in a round table discussion and asked: What can you do together?


The wide array of possibilities was astonishing. For example, the farmer who grows grapefruits can provide his product to the juice maker. The latter then can collaborate with the hotel owner to provide his service or sell his product. As such, when you meet new people, opportunities arise of finding new customers and creating new products. We want to help you actively take full advantage of these opportunities.


This project has since expanded to include more than 11 cities around Japan.


Our work is implemented on four main stages:


  1. Workshop/seminar  

  2. Local contest

  3. Competition at center of Japan

  4. Competition outside of Japan


This November will mark the Tokyo competition. Local people will bring products and compete. Next year, we will be holding an event called Japan Top 1 in Osaka. In June, we will bring together top-level Japanese judges in top Asian cities.  

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