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Do you want to be an active learner? Do you want to learn from Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia students? Do you want to practice English?


Active Summer Camp brings together American college students and Japanese elementary, middle, and high school students for a one-of-kind learning experience.


Our teachers use the latest, most effective pedagogic methods, which they have learned from their time studying at the world’s most prestigious universities.


Every year, our teachers choose a different subject to teach, then spend months designing the class. We make sure that Active Summer Camp students are not only exposed to new subjects. Above all else, they will acquire a new way of learning.


Our classes emphasize a balanced work ethic of independence and teamwork. Students work closely with kids their age, learn to speak English with classmates, and develop thorough presentation and speaking skills.


We also offer advising for the parents, during which they can engage in a Q&A session with foreign teachers and learn about their educational history.


The camps are held once in the spring, and twice in the summer, both in Osaka and Tokyo. Because of high student demand, we are holding more camps every year.

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