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One of the most essential features needed to succeed in the current market, either as an employee or a corporation, is a notably successful application of skill, that is to say, real world experience. Currently, many undergraduate students never receive an opportunity to develop their skills beyond their own campuses. Under such circumstances, students seldom enter a realistic work environment where their own success is fully contingent on the quality of their independent work; rather, they are guided step by step through hypothetical scenarios or are left on the sidelines as observers to the real work being done. This passive method does not allow students to develop the quick response skills they will need to become dependable employees. For this reason, Active Learning developed the Next Generation Project, a program that will provide participants with comprehensive work experience. The Next Generation Project aims to match undergraduates and recent graduates with firms across East Asia so that they may acquire real-life business experience with companies that expect them to work just as hard and efficiently as full-time staff. A cohesive, well planned out strategy is increasingly important in the business sector, companies have to make pivotal corporate decisions that will have the least amount of risk and minimize the possibility of negative outcomes. Accordingly, participants will be expected to making extensive use of information and execute well-developed strategies to optimize their host company’s returns while integrating into the corporate team. The ultimate goal for the participants is to leave their host companies with a tangible representation of their work that exemplifies their aptitude, ingenuity, and the overall contribution they made to the company during their stay.


After the selection process, Active Learning will match the chosen participants with one of its partner companies. These companies are spread throughout East Asia and the potential locations include (but are not limited to): Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The applicant will receive a brief training in Tokyo headed by Active Learning before being sent over to his or her host company. Benefits of the program also include airfare, housing, and a monthly stipend to be decided depending on the participant’s field and merit. The host company may also provide the applicant with free or subsidized language lessons.


The New Generation Project Program is open to and or requires the following

  1. Current college/university students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors) who are taking a gap year during the 2017 academic year

  2. Recent graduates (within the last 2 years)

  3. Fluent English ability is mandatory

  4. Applicants who display strong analytical abilities, independent problem solving skills, and an aptitude for project management will be highly favored.


Application Requirements

  1. Next Generation Project Application Form

  2. Unofficial Transcript  Resume

  3. Short Essay/Cover Letter (500 words max)

  4. Teacher or Recent Employer Recommendation



Application Period:

Program Period:

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