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Work with us: Reinvent Working Styles

Active Learning is not a conventional company; it is a community that takes the form of a company by availing the organizational structure in order to do meaningful work.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on how to work. Rather, the members of Active Learning Co. strive to create “new working styles” by constantly thinking and discussing collaboratively, because they strongly believe that a company and its culture is created by its workers. So when recruiting, Active Learning aims to bring together a diverse group of people and create a platform that enables them to communicate and work towards a common goal.

The company emphasizes the importance of being an active learner, and believes that employment should not be based solely on societal labels or numbers.

Do you have the motivation and ability to learn as well as the courage and will to take on challenges? Active Learning looks for hard-workers who can work efficiently and can handle the pressures that come with managing the unique and sustainable business operations of the company.

For those who are interested in the company’s working style or want to discuss further about any topic with the Active Learning members, come meet us on Active Learning Open Day (AOD): during the monthly get-together, anyone can approach Mr. Hane or the others at the company and speak freely.

We look forward to hearing your ideas, and we hope that you can join us on our journey to change the status quo.


Diverse Environment

Active Learning welcomes 5~10 interns from Harvard University, Princeton University, and other Ivy League schools every year. The common language in the office can become English, especially during the summertime when there are many foreign interns.

Active Learning is a unique, diverse working environment where you can work with elite students from all over the world.

Schools of Past Interns

North America: Harvard/UPenn/Princeton/Columbia/Brown/Carnegie Mellon/Walter
India: Delhi University

Apply for OPEN-DAY

For those who are interested in working at Active Learning

Please check the OPEN-DAY schedule and contact us.

Note that there may be a change in schedule; we ask for your understanding.

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