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Lecturer Profiles


Takuya Hane


Senior Lecturer

Eriko Tokuno



Active Learning Inc. CEO

Takuya Hane 羽根 拓也 

Record of Work Experiences

Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Fundamental Ability Training Committee member

Ministry of Education: Career Aptitude Development Project Judge


Teaching Experiences at Universities

Harvard University (Japanese Lecturer)

University of Pennsylvania (Japanese Lecturer)

Susquehanna University (Japanese Lecturer)

Yamaguchi University (Guest Professor)

Digital Hollywood University (Professor)



1994 Certificate of Distinction in Teaching

Entrepreneur of the Year Japan, Semi-Finalist 

Japan E-Learning Award, Smart Learning Category 

Taught in a Japanese cram school in his school years, and theorized that activeness was key to education; he went on to create an educational teaching method that encourages the development of students’ aptitude to learn actively, in contrast to traditional teaching methods that endorsed passive learning.


After arriving in the U.S. in 1991, he began his research on the “active learning” teaching methodology as he taught at renowned American universities, such as Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania, as a professor. Received an award of excellence (Certificate of Distinction in Teaching) from Harvard University in 1994.


He started Active Learning Co. in 1997, and became well known for his progressive, revolutionary concept of developing “active human resources”; through company lectures, leadership in the educational and public sectors that centered around “active learning,” he gained a reputation as an educator as well as an entrepreneur.


He has now expanded his work internationally, and has especially been receiving requests to teach in various countries all over Asia. He holds workshops and lectures that are known to be very active and participant-centered, but he also provides support in projects and their concept making, production, and content development as well as the creation of innovative learning methodologies using forefront technologies.

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Eriko Tokuno 得能 絵理子 

Digital Hollywood University        Professor

Graduated Waseda University.

Involved in various projects related to career development, company reform, and regional governance reform.

Has interviewed IBM's former top adviser Mr. Kitashiro and renowned musician Mr. Sakamoto for the "First-class Fundamental Skills Interview" project led by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and recieved high recognition for her web articles on the project.

Taught at Nikkei's seminars, was lecturer for Nikkei BP BizCollege PREMIUM, and holds lectures and consultations for companies and universities; she is recognized for her lectures and workshops, which involve participants and provides an enlivening learning experience.

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