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Information Providence

From Progressive Business Ideation to Know-How for

Public and Socially Contributive Production

    Many of Active Learning’s business operations involve cooperation with other companies, and because of this cooperation it has established a network of connections which enables the company to attain information about the latest innovations and developments in a variety of industries. Active Learning also works with many organizations in the public sector, hence have been able to gain know-how on creating socially impactful projects.

    This information allows the staff to create progressive and useful media content about a variety of issues. Active Learning consistently communicates with renowned producers and directors as well as media reporters and stakeholders; if you are in need of advice on creating something interesting and of value, Active Learning would be happy to assist!


Education: educational reform, active learning, university reform, vocational school reform, global education, Harvard University, resourcefulness

Corporations: recruitment, employment, human resource development, innovation, mission, motivation, teamwork, globalization

Public Sector: regional revitalization, international expansion, public sector reform, development of public officials, tourism, inbound touris

Digital Education: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) education, e-learning, application development, MOOC, forefront education

NPO: movement, student organization

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