Interindustrial Collaboration
Interindustrial business building support
Marketing and Branding Consultation
Product and/or concept PR, strategic marketing, and branding consultation
Hold competitions and events in various areas and help brand
Tourism Development
Planning, production, and inbound marketing of local tourism
Market Expansion
Help expand to ASEAN regions, the U.S., and other areas overseas
Press Release
Mass media support (newspapers, television networks, etc.)
WEB Marketing
WEB/SNS utilization in information transmission and education
Community Building
Connecting people through regional products and tourism

Regional Revitalization

   Recently, the Japanese government decided support regional revitalization, making it a rather trending topic in Japan. Active Learning has been helping the government and other organizations with these revitalization projects for the last ten years, and, after much trial and error, the company has began to see a great deal of success in recent years.

           One of its most successful projects is Undiscovered Gems of Japan aka Collaboration Network. During this project, the staff at Active Learning does not simply give lectures to people about how to revitalize rural areas, but also work with major companies and their workers by teaching Knowledge Sex training. If these companies exchange information and know-how, they can create new and innovative ideas to revitalize rural areas.

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