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Living in a Changing World

           Right now, many changes are occurring in the world.

           For instance, the IT industry has been growing in recent years. At first, people thought the Internet was amazing, but now we have seen incredible technological leaps with things like smartphones, IoT, robotics, and deep learning AI technology. It is said that it is only a matter of time before computers’ AI surpasses human intelligence.

           These recent technological advances have had a large impact on jobs around the world, but the impact is not just limited to those working in the IT industry; people who work in primary industries, such as farmers and fishermen, have also been impacted. In the past, if someone had one skill they were good at it they could make living off of it for decades. However, that is no longer the case. Now if one makes a new service or product, even something that surpasses will last only a few years, and there’s also a great likelihood that an international competitor suddenly comes out with some idea that changes entire industries in a short period of time. These things have already started happening in every industry.

            Now if one is able to create a good product it has the potential to spread all over the world. However, if one continues a career normally without changing with the times, their job may longer be in demand.

This is the era that we are living in: traditional ways will no longer do.

            Another service of Active Learning that has been receiving excellent reviews lately is the support service of “Thought Sex”. This is a technique that takes differences and “breeds” them together in order to induce innovation.

            An important point to note is that if people have worked in the same company together for years, no matter how much they try to create something new there is a limit to how innovative they can be. In order to solve this problem, Active Learning brings together people who are different: not only people with a different role in the company but also people from a different industry from different places in the world. Once their thoughts have intercourse with each other, new innovation can be born.

            This manner of creation is identical to how living things evolve. Active Learning specializes in intentionally mixing the “DNA” of workers within a business with those of other businesses.

※ Find out more about "thought sex" and the related work that Active Learning Co. has been involved in:

Training Talented Human Resources for the New Age - Changing the Way Companies Are Made

         Active Learning is known for its professionalism in human resources development, specifically in the development of active workers. In this case, active refers to those who can think, take action, and create new solutions on his or her own. Such workers would be desirable in every industry, so Active Learning began offering a method to train such workers. Active Learning has developed workshops, facilitation, and consulting services to help create workers and companies who can evolve. We are proud to be able to say that many internationally renowned companies have utilized these services.

Step 1: Training

            Active Learning offers seminars, workshops, and other methods of interactive, live training. Mr. Hane and several other staff who have received special training go directly to a company and train its staff. True to the Active Learning way, this training not only involves the staff taking notes but also making all the staff in the company create a proposal over the course of the training period. Participants form groups of 4 people, listen to a lecture, and then have a discussion based on the content of the lecture in their groups.

            However, it is far more important that the participants learn the process of discussion rather than the actual content of the lecture; the lectures are simply a cover to facilitate conversation. In training, Active Learning places a great deal of importance on having participants experience things independently. As long as participants actively think about the proposal presentation and attempt to challenge the content presented by the lecturer.

At first, it will not go well. However if they learn the methods and principles of active learning they will be able to experience a type of success they have never felt before. By experiencing Active Learning’s training, trained participants will begin to internalize the concept of active learning and avail it even outside of training.

            Anyone can benefit from this training, be it potential hires, new hires, managers, and even company executives. Active Learning has training experience with companies of all sizes, regardless if they are massive corporations or developing startups. Please try our active learning training, which has been utilized in over thirty countries and taught to over five million people around the world.

Part 2: Cooperating in the Actual Business Place

           The training will make for better cooperation within a business, but there is a limit to how much the training can accomplish. Training is a set of prepared scenarios meant to be lead by trainees; while many workers may achieve cooperation and success in training, they likely will not do as well in the actual workplace. Hence, to achieve cooperation between workers in the actual business space, the second step is needed.

            The second step makes workers truly comprehend what they learned in training by making them apply what they learned in training to the work their company is actually currently doing. Active Learning staff then enter each group as a facilitator and help create a flow that helps participants make realizations by themselves rather than “teach” them. Due to the fact they will be discussing topics related to their actual jobs in their usual environment, the realism of the training is increased and the fruits of their training become apparent.

            Combining training with actual work is difficult, but it is important for them to actualize their training. Keeping this difficulty in mind, Active Learning’s facilitation has recently been evaluated highly. At its clients’ companies’ project meetings, the Active Learning staff and Mr. Hane often participate. At the meetings, they take note of how the meeting is going every time an important point is brought up and say, through an outsider’s perspective, what productive ideas the discussion produced. By doing so, companies create innovative ideas and new products.

            Recently, Active Learning has been expanding its business support programs into all types of industries to create products and services that have never been done before. By assisting businesses in the creation process of innovative goods, Active Learning can help improve revenue and make their innovative ideas a reality.

Step 3: Grand Design

           Once the staff at Active Learning starts seeing the effects of implementing the second step of cooperation in the actual business place, the third step is implemented. In order to achieve better cooperation between workers, one cannot simply examine aspect one aspect of the company; you must look at it from a broader perspective and thus must rebuild the fundamental structure of the company.

            Despite the fact many young workers derive most of their information through the internet, certain companies still persist in traditional methods of recruiting human resources; if such companies continue their current ways, nothing will change, because a company’s success is greatly dependent on human resource methods.

            Human resource infrastructure is also important even after new workers are gathered as, without such support, how can one expect them derive meaning from their work? Many businesses are on the stage of growth and are rethinking their how they do business in order to move on to the next stage. It is unrealistic for companies to expect an automatic shift into the next stage without changing the entire structure of their company somehow. Active Learning has helped many companies with this difficult restructuring process, so its staff has the experience necessary to create new company structures.

            Finally more important than anything is that Active Learning’s client organizations can constantly evolve, and that those organizations receive continuous and long term support from the company and its staff.

Thought Sex

Intellectual Sex that Overcomes Size, Industry, and even Countries

            Active Learning itself has come far through this same method of collecting DNA, and it still continues to collect more DNA today. If you have interest in Active Learning’s resources and connections, regardless of whether you have a request for training or consulting services, please talk with the staff about your ideas, and perhaps you will succeed in doing work that is meaningful to the world.

Active Learning has been pairing businesses that had previously enemies, and even pairing businesses with people from other countries with completely different cultures. The company also specializes in finding partner companies to pair with its client companies. The reason for this is simple: the company has ties with companies all around the world, and also knows that, no matter what kind of business a client owns, they can be introduced to an excellent partner for thought sex.

            From IT companies to advertising firms to infrastructure companies to produce companies, Active Learning holds relationships with all different types of industries from primary industries to tertiary industries, and from large companies to startups.

            Already, its staff is currently going to other countries in Asia about once every two months. Under the guidance of a government official from China, the staff has connections with growing companies in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok and other Asian countries. These connections make it rather easy for them to find partners for thought sex throughout Asia.

            In the age that is about to come, companies will be at a disadvantage if they attempt to do business with only the resources they own. The quickest way to make the most out of one’s resources is join hands with another company who will let their own resources grow. Companies that do this will receive precious new DNA from their partners, which can be used to evolve their company further. Even if a company ends up not partnering up with a thought sex company, partnering up many times with other ones and taking many different new DNA is possible.

            Active Learning itself has come far through this same method of collecting DNA, and it still continues to collect more DNA today. If you have interest in Active Learning’s resources and connections, regardless of whether you have a request for training or consulting services, please talk with the staff about your ideas, and perhaps you will succeed in doing work that is meaningful to the world.

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